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Product Introduction

This Kiosk based Access Control delivers a complete contactless and safe experience to the user.

Face Recognition is the tech that flows through this software.

A simple recognition of your face will give you access to your office details.

In other words, by just scanning your face, the software can give access control to your work space automatically by opening the door for you.

This feature is completely contactless and safe.

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Reliable & safe

Quick Access

Face scan, approved and door access given.

Queue Management

Get access within seconds, no more waiting for turns.

Controlled Access

Restrict your access to certain employees to maintain a secure environment.

Instant Notifications

Get notifications/alarm on restricted access instantly.

Online Reports

Get a detailed report on, who accessed which area, what time and how many times.

Easy Access Control

Only those employees are given access who are registered with the company, and the unregistered person is denied access.

Why Clients Choose Us

user friendly

Designed to make work easier and faster.

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Easy attendance management

Technology access to employees’ attendance.

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Reduction unproductive time

Reducing time consumption processes in business.

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Easy Installation

Software update and system setup is all you need.


No direct contact in order to get access, it is taken care of digitally.


Safest way to manage access in the workplace and avoid any leakage of asset or information.

Data Control

Access given in each area is recorded with the person and the time. Hence no missing out on who entered the restricted area.

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