Benefits Of QR Scanning, Especially In COVID-19


Covid-19 is the most impacted disease which created a sever pandemic with remarkable changes. It has affected multiple sectors. A greater range of revolution happened due to the pandemic. The most scaring part of the disease is that it is contagious. Infection spreading rate is increasing day by day. Graph structure of the disease is shaping day by day. Facetek introduces a beneficial solution which can flatter the curve of the graph to some extent. Facetek includes Online Attendance Management System where all the attendance related activities like registering, monitoring, updating, manipulating attendance are taken care through online.

The process of attendance marking with a universal access to the same device may lead to the increasing rates of contagious disease. If a person who is infected with COVID-19 coughs, exhales or releases droplets of saliva that’s infected with the virus. Those droplets fall on surfaces and objects too, which is where other people might end up catching the virus may be unknowingly like touch your eyes or your mouth. Then a physical device of Online Attendance Management System may become a hub for spreading infection. It is particularly important for companies that will receive visitors and contractors on a daily basis since they have to well balance productivity and safety. Contactless screening is the ultimate solution for this problem. Creating QR codes to check people is the best strategy.

Barcodes are popularly used since decades, right from supermarkets to retail supply chains. Facetek has utilized a gist fit and enhanced it with QR code, which is an advanced version of bar code. QR stands for quick response, and also it’s faster and much more reliable than legacy bar codes. In fact it is cost effective as well since it only requires two things: a smartphone and an app to convert the captured image into usable information. As soon as the employee enters the working premises he has to use his smart phone and capture the QR code so that his attendance will be registered. It absolutely contactless hence there is no question of infection spreading. Facetek is always well known for providing safe and effective solution. Scanning the QR code is always a safe and hygiene option. Hence staffs can access the device very easily, instantly and securely. Companies also need not to invest extra in terms of a new device installation and maintenance is also very easy. Online Attendance Management System is now very easy, user friendly, accurate and safe as well. Facetek is super flexible, advanced and adaptive to all the tough situtations.

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