Contactless Face Recognition Based Attendance

Contactless Face Recognition Based Attendance Employees working hours will significantly contribute to increasing the productivity of the company. Attendance is considered a predominant judging factor for an employee. Transformation in the field of attendance from manual attendance casting to automatic attendance capturing has helped the companies to a greater extent. Automatic attendance capturing will reduce

Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker Employees are the greatest asset of an organization. Every activity of the employee has to be tracked for the welfare of the company. Approaches for tracking attendance will vary from one company to another company. Lot of amount will be invested for tracking the attendance itself. Manual attendance tracking always had a

Benefits Of QR Scanning, Especially In COVID-19

Benefits Of QR Scanning, Especially In COVID-19 Covid-19 is the most impacted disease which created a sever pandemic with remarkable changes. It has affected multiple sectors. A greater range of revolution happened due to the pandemic. The most scaring part of the disease is that it is contagious. Infection spreading rate is increasing day by

Increase Efficiency With The Best Payroll Processing Software

Increase Efficiency With The Best Payroll Processing Software Successful running of an organization requires multiple domains to consider. Selling of the product and gaining is the best profit is the major concern but it requires lot of backend work. Tracking the quality of the product, sales of the product will all be done by the

Manage Your Leave From Anywhere, Anytime.

Manage Your Leave From Anywhere, Anytime. Leave Management is always one of the most crucial processes for the Human Resource team. It requires a significant amount of time and tracking work as well. A lot of internal procedures are involved right from leave availing to leave approval. Hence it makes the entire process complicated. Leave

Facetek- Attendance Through KIOSK

Facetek- Attendance Through KIOSK Various kind of biometric are available to authenticate a person and capture the attendance. Every device is wrapped with its own set of pros and corns. Kiosk is one of the best devices among the all which includes lot of advantages. kiosk refers to a small, free-standing physical structure which is

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