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Taking attendance just got reduced from minutes to
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Scan and mark your attendance, no more long queues
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Product Introduction


COVID-19 outbreak forced people to isolate themselves from coming in physical contact with any public equipment or asset and this is not seen as temporary and corporate has to prepare to handle any future pandemic situations Increasing concerns over hygiene in the workplace and made the employee’s resistant to touch shared devices and the industry has accepted cloud solutions & contactless biometric technologies as a new normal.


  • Admin creates Masters & Employee data through Web Application
  • Admin registers the Employee
  • Install Facetek Attendance Device or Application
  • Mark Attendance through Employee Self Service Or installed devices
  • Attendance record is sent to Server
  • HR, Admin & Managers can view the reports in real time



       (Unlimited Employees)


  • Master Creations
  • AI based Face Attendance
  • Offline Attendance
  • Cloud Storage

  • Shift Management
  • Contractor Attendance
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Override
  • Geo-Fencing & GPS
  • Multi-User Access
  • Push Notifications
  • Reports
  • Phone & Email Support

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                Everything in PLUS


  • Multi-Location Integration
  • Employee Self Service App
  • Manager App
  • Requests & Approvals

  • WiFi Fencing
  • HRMS Integration
  • Android & iOS App
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Attendance Policies

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          Everything in PRO


  • SalesForce Monitoring
  • Task Assignment
  • Expenses Claim & Approval
  • Team Management

  • Live Tracking
  • API Integration
  • Attendance Regularisation
  • Powerful Dashboard

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Contactless Face Attendance increases the Safety for the Employees in Manufacturing Industries, which is why With more employees, taking attendance is going to be a challenge for companies.


Track Time & Attendance with Contactless Face Attendance at office Go touchless with contactless recognition and authentication based attendance system for easy integration.


With right reports & insights, make your HR department a strategic resource. Contact now! Mobile compatible HRMS tool with detailed reports & easy to use interface.


Enable Contactless Face Attendance for the all Operations and Managaments with Mobile and Kiosk Attendance,also have the Easy Integrations.

Health Care

Contactless Face Attendance Produces great impact in Health Care System by Avoiding Contact with reused things on biometric LNG produces Completely Contactless.

Banking & Finance

The Post Covid-19 office will say bye bye to the biometric attendance system thus Contactless attendance systems will rise by 20% in the year 2020.


Contactless attendance management systems have been in demand since by government offices by suspending biometric attendance system in and hygienic.

Education Institutions

The setting-up of biometric-based attendance systems requires both software and to track the concentration level of each individual either in an office or in a classroom.Most of the face-based systems are contactless.


Contactless Attendance Solution uses existing IP cameras or CCTV cameras to recognize employees at the entrance and feed their face data to the attendance database with the current time and date.

Integration With Other System

Existing HRMS Software
  • Through API.
  • Download & Upload the Data.
Access Control
  • Works On Face Recognization.
  • Multiple IN & OUT.
  • Controller – Made in India
Fever Detection
  • Detects Temperature of the Employee and the Visitor.
  • Accurate Like Thermometer.
  • Certified by Authorities.
  • Made in India.

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