Contactless Face Recognition Based Attendance


Employees working hours will significantly contribute to increasing the productivity of the company. Attendance is considered a predominant judging factor for an employee. Transformation in the field of attendance from manual attendance casting to automatic attendance capturing has helped the companies to a greater extent. Automatic attendance capturing will reduce the burden on companies by resolving the problem of buddy punching, time variation, and attendance skipping. There are multiple ways of capturing automatic attendance like fingerprint recognition, punch card reader, smart card reader, QR code scanner, and much more.

Facetek provides smart attendance with real-time face recognition concept. Working module is very efficient. Images of the employees will be stored on a server and it will be preconfigured. Attendance capturing devices like KIOSK, surveillance camera can precisely and quickly capture the image or video of a person. Deep Learning technology based algorithms used by Facetek helps in converting the images / videos into frames. This helps in accurate recognition of the face of a person. The extracted image will be compares with the images that are pre stored in the database and will register the attendance along with the time of punching as well.
Pandemic like COVID-19 has created a lot of variation in the working sectors. Hygiene plays a vital role in the working environment as well. It the company is using contact based automatic attendance system then there will be a high chance of spreading infection from one person to another person due to continuous access of the same device by multiple people.

Facetek provides a ultimate solution to this problem through Face Recognition based attendance systems. Facetek assures a contactless, inflectionless and hygiene attendance capturing mode. It is well suited for employees who will be choosing the work from home option. Employees can cast their attendance through their own smart phones. It is a better choice to be used in the highly confidential areas of the office. There may be a chance of people misusing the data hence highly secured areas of the company can be allowed access through Face Recognition based attendance systems which will be more authentic. It also helps to maintain a data on list of people who have accessed the secured zone of a company.
One right choice will cut off many problems. Facetek is added with loads of advantages as well.

  • Automatic registration of accurate timing will enhance the sincerity among the people.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to recognize the employees productive working time.
  • Staffs can handle it with lesser training.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Reduce the burden of external monitoring.

Facetek is always a better choice for a company irrespective of the domain. It provides highly accurate and efficient solution. It is considered as most reliable and trust worthy option by many companies.

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