Employee Attendance Tracker


Employees are the greatest asset of an organization. Every activity of the employee has to be tracked for the welfare of the company. Approaches for tracking attendance will vary from one company to another company. Lot of amount will be invested for tracking the attendance itself. Manual attendance tracking always had a complaint like buddy punching and many times they are prone to errors in tracking or tabulation which may lead to great loss for the company. Smart Attendance System are the best option but it will include the installation cost, device cost, service charges, power backup unit and many more which will increase the expenses of the company. During the time of pandemic extra care and concern is to be taken.

Smart Attendance System has to certify and pass in the queries like social distancing; Hygiene factor is also a major issue to be considered. Avoiding the spread of infection. Universal access to the same device may also lead to the chance of infection. Sanitizing and washing hands will also consume lot of resources. Since water is the most precious resource, scarcity of water in future should also be considered.
Keeping all this problems in mind Facetek has created a simple yet effective solution. It uses Face Recognition Attendance system with advanced technology and algorithm. It will completely stop the concept of buddy punching. This will totally prohibit the chances of infection spreading due to accessing the same device by everyone. Attendance can be entered by the employees through their own smart phone this will solve the problem of hygiene. Kiosk based device can also be used at the working premises which will consider Face Recognition Attendance and hence group attendance can also be captured. This will totally reduce the waiting time in long queue.

Facetek will not only track the attendance automatically but also manages the shift, weekly off, holidays as well. All this features will make the working of the company more efficient with simplicity. All the calculations will be done automatically this will decrease the requirement of man power. More accuracy will be achieved in the calculation and are less prone to errors. Easy to maintain as well. Less training is required for the staff to handle the app.
Tracking and managing attendance of the employees will be very efficient and super easy as well. Facetek has introduced an ultimate solution for all the attendance related problems at affordable price and easy maintenance. It’s better for an organization to choose Facetek and to be free from all the problems and to enjoy the benefit and features to the fullest.

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