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Employees are the basic foundation of the company. Workmanship of the employees will lead to the productivity of a company. To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace. Hence Human resource team plays a crucial role in taking care of the employees. H.R is the actual pillars of the company with multiple roles and responsibilities to bear the load of the company. One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man that is H.R. HR decisions and practices have a greater impact in improving the performance of an organization.HR department adds a lot of value to a company in terms of time and money management and of course employee management which is the key to productivity. Role of H.R will vary depending upon the size and type of the organization. The roles and responsibilities of HR are not just limited to a particular domain but it is spread over the overall functionality of a company.

The following are the roles and responsibilities of a HR executive in a company.

  • Direct all hiring and training procedures for new employees.
  • Administer or change benefits, health plans, retirement plans, etc.
  • Work with company CEO and/or Director to plan HR initiatives.
  • Monitor employee progress and stay up-to-date with company climate and

Educate, train, monitor, problem-solve, and ensure that the company HR policy is followed across all employees, managers, and executives

Since H.R plays a vital role in an organization. Selection of H.R team will also play a crucial role. Many of the companies invest lot of money on the H.R department itself for the smooth functioning of an organization. H.R department acts as a key of many situations and serve as a solution to many problems. But still organization should be careful in selecting and maintain the H.R department. A small negligence or mistake from H.R team will create a huge loss for the company.

If the H.R team wrongly calculates the bill then that will lead to a greater loss for the company. If a H.R fails to identify the true potential of the employee or fails to train the employee properly it will affect the company as well as the employees future. If H.R is partial or biased then that will have the negative impact on other employees as well. H.R team tracking and monitoring was an added burden for the company in terms of manpower and investment.

HR Management Software acts as a boon in the modern technical era. It will reduce the requirement of man power. Tabulation will be done automatically by the software which will be accurate and error free. Time consumption will be reduced. Facetek provides the attendance software with salient features that will simply ease out the work of H.R department and there by increases the efficiency of the company.

HR Management Software will automatically trace the employee’s login and log out time. It will keep track of the week offs and different shift policies of the employees. Leave management, Holiday management can also be done easily.HR Management Software will consume less time, less employs and less money and in turn provides greater accuracy, efficiency.

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