Facetek- Attendance Through KIOSK


Various kind of biometric are available to authenticate a person and capture the attendance. Every device is wrapped with its own set of pros and corns. Kiosk is one of the best devices among the all which includes lot of advantages. kiosk refers to a small, free-standing physical structure which is either used to display information or provide a service. Kiosk devices are broadly classified as

  • Manned Kiosk device
  • Unmanned Kiosk device

Unmanned Kiosk device are most popular since it includes lots of advantages. It serves with incorporation of digital essence. Unmanned digital kiosks are quite popular since it serves customers uninterruptedly without human supervision and saves time. Kiosk devices have taken simple and efficient form after lot of up gradation. Initially kiosk device resembled telephone booths. Later on it evolved with several different variations and now took the form of a simple device. Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions, evolving into self-service kiosks. An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal that features specialized hardware and software which provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education. Interactive kiosks are usually placed at high foot traffic settings such as hotel check-in, shops lobbies, airports, retail sales check-out.
Noticing all this advantageous factors Facetek uses Employee Attendance Tracker with efficient technology of Face Recognition Based Attendance System. Facetek has implemented a simple and effective approach which is efficient and budget friendly to the clients. We believe in the concept of simplicity at its best. Hence we will adjust to your environment in a less budget. Employee Attendance Tracking will be done with the installation of simple kiosk device. Device implements Face Recognition Based Attendance System so that it avoids all the wrong practice like buddy punching in an efficient way.

Kiosk based device will be in the tab format and will be installed at the working premises. This will capture the face of an employee and track the attendance. The specialty of the kiosk device used by Facetek is that it will capture the attendance in a group. This will consume less timing and during the tough time of corona it is very much helpful because it will not allow the spreading of infection. Resource like sanitizer and hand wash are not at all needed.
Kiosk device will be attached to the software so that after capturing the attendance information will be passed to the software where the tabulation will be done automatically and it will be error free as well. Kiosk device will consume less space and this will not be expensive as well. Maintenance cost will be very less. Hygiene will be maintained since the device is not touched and accessed. Cleaning of the device is also easy. Staffs can handle it with less training.
Facetek will always ensure the maximum benefits to the user with minimum cost. We take care of everything right from installation of the device to maintaining it. We assure you that KIOSK device will be accurate, hygienic and user friendly.

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