Facetek- Authorized Access Control System


An organization should always take care of the properties of the company as well as the employees. Many organizations will allot a security team to check the people who are entering the office. Especially security team should be on high alert near the entry restricted areas. Unauthorized employees are not allowed in the premises hence security staff should work carefully. A little negligence may lead to great loss or data theft. To avoid this kind of problems Access Control technology is the right solution for all the problems.

Access Control System allows only authorized people into the area. Organizations can protect their physical and IP assets. It will relief the company from unauthorized entry, it will also save the cost to be spent on security team as well. It controls the movement of people with a predefined protocol

Facetek has upgraded to future-ready technology that ensure zero errors. Facetek offers diverse high-level Access Control functions at an affordable price. It is built on Kiosk based detachable control structure for easy installation. Complete contact less attendance along with face recognition attendance software is a perfect combination that leads to greater degree of infection free security. Facetek always assures you a simple, error-free and efficient technology. We use advanced face recognition technology that flows through the software. Face recognition attendance software will simply recognize your face and provide access automatically to the working premises.

Access Control System Includes Lot Of Benefits They Are:

Access control will work on per employee basis for a particular time period and area. Ensures additional security by considering biometrical data. Increase scalability and reliability. Additional protection will be provided to sensitive areas, Cost-effective and user-friendly.

Facetek Access Control Working Pattern:
Kiosk based device with face recognition attendance software will be installed at the required entry point. Employee face will be scanned through the device and will check and compare with the preexisting data base. If the employees face match with the data base entry doors will open for the employee. If not the entry will be restricted. Facetek is always adaptable to all the situations hence the pandemic like COVID-19 will never create an impact on the working. Technology what we used is totally contact less attendance based hence the rate of infection spread is totally null. Authentication of the employee will be accurate as well.

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