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Hostel / PG Management Software
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Manage Hostel, PG

Whether it is a College or School Hostels or PG for working people, Manage Bookings, we have the solution for you through Tenant Soft. We have made robust features to cover all your operation needs and thereby reducing the manpower cost and efficiency.

Manage Bookings

The software provides option to manage bookings, cancellation, Check-in etc. You can now define your own hostel rules, like Advance Amount, Maintenance etc. It is made customizable according to customer needs. This also provides Room booked, availability and many more.

Manage Inmates & Stay

You can now manage Edit Resident Information, View due payable, Update continuation of stay, Change Room, Paid Amenities till checkout. Everything made easy with Tenant Soft.

Receipt Management

Generate Rent Dues, Collect Rent, receive partial payment, collect payment through various modes, generate receipt, print receipt till checkout settlement everything is now made easy.

Contactless Staff & Resident Attendance

Tenant Soft enables marking attendance of Resident and Staff and their by making job easy and control. It helps to safeguard the resident and also prepare payroll for employees accurately for the days worked.

Timely and Faster Collection

Through plug and play Payment Gateway which allows multiple payment modes like Credit Card, Debit card, Net banking and UPI according to the needs of the customers. All is made using the state of art Resident and Parent App.

Mobile App

Tenant Soft provides Android & iOS App for Resident, Parent, Maintenance Staff, Warden etc to manage their needs and the work without even visiting the Admin room and get everything in their fingertips.

Complaint Management

Now Resident or by Admin by their own can raise support request on any service related or other matter where the support needed from maintenance staff. And you can also track status till the closure of the service request.

Web App & Live Reports

Web App and reports make you feel like a PRO by managing the administration centrally and controlling the collection and operation through the state of art UI and cloud based application. We have implemented high security and hosted in Microsoft to safeguard your data.


Rs. 3600 per Hostel per Year

Try Tenant Soft free for 6 months without any conditions – Complete Features.

For Large Enterprise & Customisation.

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