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Product Introduction

IRIS based biometric technology running on Android system. This model helps to maximize the security and efficiency of Time & Attendance control.
IRIS based attendance and leave management solution designed to address the need of workforce management suitable to all industry and keep a track on access give to the employees for various segment of the company.

It is the most secure way to manage as no two individual can have the same scan.

The benefit of IrisTrac are as below:

  • Cloud based Attendance
  • Attendance at client place
  • No buddy punching
  • Remote & Centralised Monitoring
  • Improves the employee productivity
  • Real time Data
  • Online Customer Support
IRIS-Product Introduction


Unique Scan

Avoids spoof detections as scan cannot be same for two different people.

No Direct Contact

Going contactless in the digital world, creating a 100% hygienic and safety software.

Manage Late Log Ins

Gives accurate time of Log-In and Log-Out and therefore, easily tracks employees who came late.

Easy Access Control

Only those employees are given access who are registered with the company, and unregistered person is denied access.

Cloud Based Attendance

All the attendance data is stored in a cloud to give you details anytime and anywhere.

Physical Attendance

Attendance is marked once you enter the workplace, therefore it’s more accurate and reliable.

Why Clients Choose Us

User friendly

Designed to make work easier and faster.

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Easy Attendance Management

Technology access to employees’ attendance.

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Reduction Unproductive Time

Reducing time consumption processes in business

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Remote & Centralised Monitoring

Manager applications makes it’s easier to control the presence of the employee at workplace.

Improves Employee Productivity

Since tracking is very efficient and secured, makes the employee to focus more on productivity.

Real time Data

Accurate Log-In and Log-Out time is captured and can easily identify the non-punctual team members.

Online Customer Support

Always available for your queries, physically and digitally.

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