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Facetek’s products mainly focused on serving time attendance, access control and security needs of the different industries with latest technology including face recognition.


No Hardware

Facetek attendance software can be used in any Android and iOS Mobile or Kiosk. No need to worry about AMC and device failure.

Face Recognition Based

Attendance marked through Face Recognition using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and buddy punching is not possible.

Off-Line Attendance

The app works even in off line mode and no internet dependency. Hence, it ensures almost zero downtime.

Geo-Fencing Enabled

Facetek captures GPS while marking attendance hence location where attendance marked can be monitored.

Leave Management

Adding on to attendance, not only can employee update thier leave but employer can accept and reject through the application as well.

Expenses Management

Facetek enables Expenses management easy and smart. Employees can claim their expenses by submitting bills online and can viewed and approved by their managers on the go.

Shift Management

It allows you to customize and manage the shifts of employees, in a large organziation and helps the manager and employee on hold of their work timings.

Seamless Integration

Facetek can be integrated with any third party software making sure there is hassle free flow of work.

Instant Notification

Manager Alert, Whenever the employee Makes any action in the Application everything will be send as a immediate notification.

Range of Products

Mobile Attendance

The next wave of digital transformation is bringing the evolution of attendance software with it. We can help you accelerate your digital transformation with our Contactless Attendance Software though mobile app (ESS).

Sales Force Monitoring

Manager can work smarter than ever using Facetek Sales Force App to assign tasks and monitoring sales force. Now the managers can check report to know No of clients met, KMs travelled and time spent in client place in real time.

Kiosk Attendance

This Kiosk based attendance model delivers a complete contactless and safe experience to the user. It works on the cutting edge face recognition technology using Mobile or Tablet and attendance marked without any delay.

Access Control

This Kiosk based Access Control delivers a complete contactless and safe experience to the user. Face Recognition is the tech that flows through this software. A simple recognition of your face will give you access to your office details

IrisTrac - IRIS Attendance

We also provide attendance marking using IRIS Scanning technology and the solution designed to address the need of workforce management suitable to all industry including government departments.

ThermoTrac - Fever Detection

Fever is a most common symptom in 98% of the Covid-19 (Corona) cases. ThermoChek is a Contactless digital thermometer which enables fever detection in real-time with instant red-flagging of potential Covid-19 carriers.

Facetek Subscription Plans


                  Exciting Features


  • Master Creations
  • AI based Face Attendance
  • Offline Attendance
  • Cloud Storage

  • Shift Management
  • Contractor Attendance
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Override
  • Geo-Fencing & GPS
  • Multi-User Access
  • Push Notifications
  • Reports

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Rs.25 /Employee/Month

                Everything in FREE


  • Multi-Location Integration
  • Employee Self Service App
  • Manager App
  • Requests & Approvals

  • WiFi Fencing
  • HRMS Integration
  • Android & iOS App
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Attendance Policies

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              Everything in PRO


  • SalesForce Monitoring
  • Task Assignment
  • Expenses Claim & Approval
  • Team Management

  • Live Tracking
  • API Integration
  • Attendance Regularisation
  • Powerful Dashboard

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For Large Enterprise & Customisation.

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