Manage Your Leave From Anywhere, Anytime.


Leave Management is always one of the most crucial processes for the Human Resource team. It requires a significant amount of time and tracking work as well. A lot of internal procedures are involved right from leave availing to leave approval. Hence it makes the entire process complicated. Leave administration and employee follow up will consume a lot of transactional time as well. Leave requests availed from the employee should undergo a lot of subtasks like the manager has to evaluate employee’s leave eligibility, check the compliance-related leave policies, ensure sufficient staffing, and then he has to take a decision that should not impact on company’s performance and employee satisfaction. All these subtasks will create a burden on the manager hence it should be minimized and made straightforward by including transparency. Modern attendance management system software will help in removing the frictions involved in the process by including an inbuilt online leave management system. Online leave management is made simple and efficient with instant request and leaves approval process.

Facetek includes a salient feature of online leave management in its attendance management system software. Facetek uses a cloud-based application hence it is completely an online process. It will ease out the process of leave planning, leave requests, and leave approval. The mobile attendance app makes the feature accessible from anywhere using any device. Employee leave requests will be quick and easy to manage. Leave requests are automatically sent to the higher authority for approval, just in one click. It leads to easy; flexible online leave management through the Mobile attendance app.

Leaves are usually categorized into 5 different types

  • Casual Leave
  • Earned Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Sick Leave

Leave Policy will vary from company to company hence it can be customized according to the policy of the company. New option is provided for including new kind of leave according to company requirement. Editing of the leave is also possible. It also allows you to configure various types of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing, leave rejecting etc.


Facetek is beneficial for leave management due to the following reasons:


  • One click leaves application thereby saving the resource and time.
  • Instant sanction of leave through online.
  • Immediate online leave rejection.
  • Structured view of leave balance.


Online leave management by Facetek ensures error free and prompt functionality. Modern tools and advanced algorithms help to make accurate decision.

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