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Accurate Log-In
As fast and easy the software is, it's aslo safe and acrurate.
Change of code every 3 seconds makes sure employees
dont misuse the software.
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Queue Management.
Scan and mark your attendance, no more long queues
or missing out your Login Time.
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Product Introduction

Facetek brings to you another efficient attendance marking system which is based on scanning a QR code.

It is simple to use and budget friendly.

It just requires an android tab whick will display a QR code, and the user has to scan it using their smart phones for access.

This software is responsive to both android and iOS devices.


Reliable & safe

Accurate Log - In

Easy spoof detection, as every 3 seconds the code changes and hence, an authentic attendance system.

Contactless Contact System

Just a scan and your marked present for the day.

Easy to Use

Attednace is now just a scan away from your phone and your Logged in for the day.

Live reports

Easily keep track of the employee’s attendance, leave or public holidays in real-time.

Instant notifications

Delivering instant notifications regarding attendance, company updates, tasks and other software activities.

Queue Management

No more standing in long queue just to mark attendance just sacen your face and your marked present.

Why Clients Choose Us

User Friendly

Designed to make work easier and faster.

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Easy Attendance Management

Technology access to employees’ attendance.

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Reduction Unproductive time

 Reducing time consumption processes in business

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No Buddy Punching

The QR Code changes every 10 seconds, therefore keeps a good track on buddy punches as well.

Cost Effective

Installation at the minimum cost and delivering efficient results.

Easy maintainence

Being technology based is all about having the software in your devices.

Queue Management

Just scan the code and your marked present.

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