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Track Your Employees Movement.
Real time tracking of employees on field work
with GPS Technology
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Contactless Movement.
Manage you employees just from a
click of the software.
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Product Introduction

Field staff monitoring software lets you detect the active location of every single member of your field force.

It is a simple mobile based tracking software, which also marks the attendance of the employees.

Managers can save time and oversee work efficiently using our software.

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Reliable & safe

Manager App

Fast and easy way for a manager to manage employees when it comes to Attendance, Leaves, holidays etc.

Instant Notifications

Delivering instant notifications regarding attendance, company updates, tasks and other software activities.

Spoof Detection

Check employees whereabouts with our software and reduce unproductive work, specially for staff on feild work

Contactless Contact System

No need to call or follow up everytime, you can easily connect from the application and give tasks and management attendance , shift, leave and holidays.

Shift Management

It allows you to customize and manage the shifts of employees, in a large organziation and helps the manager and employee on hold of thier work timings.

Live Reports

Easily keep track of the employee’s attendance, leave or public holidays in real-time.

Why Clients Choose Us

user friendly

Designed to make work easier and faster.

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Easy attendance management

Technology access to employees’ attendance.

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Reduction unproductive time

Reducing time consumption processes in business.

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Check Live status of all employees and get data easily available about employee’s activities.

Location Update

Employees can update their locations, based on the client meetings or field visits and manager and authorize the visits too.

Day End Reports

Get a report end of day about employees meeting and field visits and measure theier performances.

Managed Working Hours

Easy management of working hours of fields visit staff, along with report you also get an update on how long the employee has worked for

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