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Product Introduction

A completely contactless and compact digital thermometer that connects to your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or any access control system and helps you keep a tab on temperatures of your employees or persons that enter your building premise.



Contactless Scanning

With the help of the proximity sensor on board, it can sense an approaching person and automatically scan the temperature using the infrared sensor making the whole process completely contactless.


It comes with a removable top segment that houses all the necessary sensors which then can be attached to an android device through the USB port which makes this even more compact and handy.

Adaptable Integration

The device can be a stand-alone unit or paired with an already existing attendance system in work environments.

High Accuracy

The thermal tech on-board is calibrated extensively to be able to measure body temperatures with medical-grade accuracy.

Real-Time Data Logging

All entries are recorded and can be used to keep track of the temperatures of as many people as needed.

Multiple Device Connectivity

The stored data can be accessed through multiple devices through the online portal or the mobile application.

Why Clients Choose Us

Highly Accurate

The real-time temperature can be viewed on the in the cloud reports.

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Easy Integration

ThermoTrac can be connected with any integrated with any pre-existing access control system.

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Reduction Unproductive Time

Sensors used for fever screening have passed through rigorous testing and calibration process.

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Highly Versatile

Can be used by any establishment be it professional or commercial.

A+ Battery Life

The wall mounted unit has a battery that lasts for 7 days and can be charged like a regular smart device.

Easy Monitoring

Red flags high temperatures and notifies you immediately and keeps tab on everyone’s temperature recorded in the past.

On the Go Scanning

The detachable unit can function on its own without the main body and can be carried along if needed and be used with your mobile application.

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