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Product Introduction

A tool required to protect the workplace from outsiders also gives them a smooth flow of meeting our employees.

With the rise of the digital era, this tool is user-friendly and easy management of visitors’ movement in your workplace during their visit.

Another contactless system to give quicker access and reduce unproductive time.

Reliable & safe

Central Monitoring

Track your visitors and ensure their movement is free as well as restricted.

Queue Management

Every visitor has his chance, and every visitor is attended well. Avoids Crowd at the entrance


All your appointments, meetings, and collaborations along with time, is digitally available, to the employee and the visitor.


Visitor can self-check in by confirm his meeting and put his details down.


Ensuring the movement of visitor doesn’t hamper any organizational details or information, restricted access.

Less Paperwork

Going digital, and updating our details online reduces manual paper work and saves time.

Why Clients Choose Us

user friendly

Designed to make work easier and faster.

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Easy attendance management

Technology access to employees’ attendance.

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Reduction unproductive time

Reducing time consumption processes in business.

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Data Track

Track where your visitor had access too, with time and details of the visitor.

Instant Approval

Giving restricted entry to a visitor to keep the information of the organization safe and secure.

Alarm Control

Any visitor entering the restricted access, alarm generates and data is recorded.

Digital Access

No hassle of calling a person in charge, the visitor needs to register and can get access to the doors digitally till his visit period.

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